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Nine Mile Ride Industry

Welcome to Nine Mile Ride Industry. We are conveniently located between the M3 and M4 Motorways.  There are many services we can offer from rental of various sizes of workshop units to general storage for such items as caravans, cars, boats, household items and much much more.  Take a look and see if there is something we can offer you.  We are now offering FREE wireless internet and CCTV across the site.  Doing all we can to keep you happy.

Industrial Workshops

With our vast range of small and large units on site we can accommodate companies that need to grow and companies that need to consolidate. 

Caravan Storage

Our Caravan Storage is accessible every single day - even Christmas. We don't need you to book your caravan in and out, you have access as and when you need it, between the hours of 6.00am and 8pm. 

Why Nine Mile Ride Industry?

We have been here at Nine Mile Ride renting workshops and storing caravans for almost 21 years our experience is your peace of mind!! 

Nine Mile Ride Industry